Triangulatica software products family contains Tiangulatica slicer for all 3D printing technologies, TriBin Viewer to preview low-level format layer slices and distortion correction utilityy TriCorrection.

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For technical details according Triangulatica slicer. Read more.

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TriBin Viewer

TriBin Viewer is a utility to view and analize low-level files (layer slices) in .tribin format. Read more.

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Distortion correction utility for laser systems based on galvo scanners, EB and MEMS mirror systems. Read more.

Download the latest version of Triangulatica Installer:
The installer contains the latest Triangulatica updates and trial version of Triangulatica.


Triangulatica is constantly evolving. Learn about our useful features here.

What’s new?

New features of Triangulatica expand the possibilities of usage and integration of our powerful slicer. Read what’s new.

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