Thread milling G-code generator

Create G-code for milling internal and external threads for any CNC machine. The utility generates G-codes for threading with special thread mills that do not require vertical feed synchronization with the machine spindle speed. With our Thread milling G-code generator utility, even the simplest CNC machines will be able to cut threads.

Key features:
• Generation g-code for of internal and external threads;
• use different g-code commands: G1, G2/G3 with parameters I/J/K, G2/G3 with the R parameter;
• thread for several holes at the same time;
• right and left threads;
• super-thread (bi-directional);
• number of thread cutting passes;
• setting of the thread pitch, safety zone etc.;
• does not require installation.

Mill Triangulatica thread
Mill Triangulatica thread
Thread inner and outer Triangulatica g-code
Thread inner and outer Triangulatica g-code

CAUTION: Do not mill thread for the full depth of the hole. Always keep a little gap.

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